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Image Creation by Kelley King

Image creation is much more than retouching, or cloning pixels.  It is about creating a better image.  Whether it is removing the ugly items, or changing it entirely to create interest or drama.  Often I'm asked to remove the ugly, things that can't be removed physically when photographing.  Other times, I change it up to create the unusual, or one of a kind image.  Sometimes it is simple and sometimes very extensive.

I photo retouch provided 3rd party photos as well as my own.

Below you will find examples of some typical images.  Click the before image to see a short slideshow of the progression from reality, to the retouched finish.


Retouching Industrial

Industrial property photographed at dusk.  This is the file processed but before any retouching.  Here I cleaned up the color, parking lot, grass & concrete.  Then by request, I removed the tenant name and lastly the 3 trees on the front corner.

Poor conditions to Nice.

Sent out to Salt Lake City in the winter to photograph this nice building, but with poor weather.  Just means there is more work on the computer.  I removed the snow and cars, then darkened the road, replaced the grass and added a nice blue sky.

Removing the Ugly.

Chain link fences are usually not desired.  I removed the fence and added landscape.  Then corrected the lobby lights and replaced the flag.  Lastly added some color pop and contrast.

Typical existing lighting problem.

This is a typical light situation with strong window light and various interior lighting.  One could spend hours lighting a space like this, or fix it in the computer.  I improved the signage and the wood.  I also darkened the black ceiling and the over exposed windows.

Creating Art

Creating something better is what I'm all about.  It's all about the details and trying to create something different.  This is a standing sign from a demolished bowling alley.  I grunged it up a bit, added a sunset sky and lit up the neon.